I had never had reflexology before and wasn’t sure I believed in it. I went to see Monique 4 days overdue and within moments felt that she had a special gift and was in tune with my body and my baby. She told me things about my body I hadn’t expected her to know from touching my feet. She has a breadth of knowledge beyond reflexology. The session was very relaxing and I left thinking even if it doesn’t bring on labour it was a lovely way to spend an hour. 12 hours later I gave birth, so fast and so easily that I delivered the baby myself! I definitely think it was because of Monique.


I cannot recommend Monique highly enough. As a family, we have had regular treatments with her for nearly 15 years and she is a key part of our approach to maintaining health and wellbeing. She blends solid medical knowledge from her former career as an anaesthetics nurse with best reflexology and cranio-sacral practice. She can offer safe and effective pain relief when needed, as well as on-going health care before conditions become chronic or acute. She can also help young people cope with the ups and downs of adolescence, be it the discomfort of newly fitted braces or the ebb and flow of hormones and emotions. Monique cares deeply about making a difference to health and regular treatments with her make a positive contribution to our overall physical, mental and emotional health in the midst of very busy lives. And… she is delightful.

Family in Send

Dear Monique, I felt I should thank you so much for my wonderful treatment yesterday. I ached all over yesterday afternoon. I went to bed at 8pm slept until 7.30am. My goodness I have felt wonderful today. Thank you for your understanding and releasing some of my deep emotions. I feel like you have taken a massive weight off my shoulders!!!!! You’re amazing, can’t wait to the next one 🙂


I came to see Monique for some maternity reflexology. My first baby was due in two weeks and was fluctuating between being transverse and breech. I wanted a natural delivery, and so she gave me some reflexology and craniosacral treatments to help turn the baby. I didn’t realise how powerful it would be, and it’s holistic effect on my mind and body. Monique also helped me address my underlying fear of the impending birth and possibility of c-section. I had two sessions and my baby turned and engaged, allowing me to have the natural delivery I wanted. She made me feel fantastically grounded, improved my confidence as a new parent and helped me connect even more with my baby.

Juliet C.