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When I left my Brittany, where I was born, it was to cross the Atlantic in a 30 m long sailing boat, discovering the wild sea, the whales, the dolphins, to arrive in the French Caribbean Islands. There I first found work on a sailing boat where I had no need of money, and enjoyed communing with nature sailing and diving, before going back to nursing firstly in French Guyana, then Guadeloupe and finally returning to France. These different adventures and experiences taught me a great deal about myself, people, and life in general. It certainly makes me realize how blessed I am.

“Empathy is an ability to be in tune and resonate with others, to have a deep sense of knowing. It’s not that “empaths” can just put themselves in other people’s shoes; They feel their blisters, feel their emotions and are highly sensitive.”

Qualified Therapist

I started to care for people as a nurse, qualified in anaesthetics, worked in babies units, ITU and theatres. Being a nurse has been an exciting, demanding, challenging, scary, rewarding, beautiful time in my life! Then, following some back problems, I discovered the power of alternative medicine and qualified in:

Over 25 years’ experience

As a therapist, I have the privilege of treating babies, infants, children, teenagers and adults of different ages and especially pregnant women. My 25 years’ experience in Complementary Therapies has given me enormous insight into the benefits of these treatments in a great variety of disorders.

Being a therapist is another level of empathy* and compassion, which means I am consciously aware of the manifestation of your inner health. Over the years I have acquired an exceptionally deep understanding of touch-based therapies. We all move through life in a unique way, experiencing joy and excitement, but sometimes shock, trauma or stress.

Whatever your story(ies), it’s never too late to overcome a painful situation. So let me try to redirect difficulties from your past. I will help you find the path to well-being and to feeling good again.

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Your body is smart and clever.

It can share its wishes and objectives. Through the touch of my fingertips, I can feel tension, rigidity but also places of joy and ease. These will guide me through the session to give you the best outcome. My wish is to see you leave feeling more relaxed and comfortable both physically and emotionally with a sense of knowing.

Monique • Reflexology • Craniosacral • Equine Biodynamic

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