Reflexologist & Craniosacral Therapist in Guildford

Incredibly relaxing, surprisingly balancing.


Reflex areas in your feet, hands or face correspond to all parts of your body; a specific and expert touch is applied to the different areas, helping your entire body to improve its exchanges and clear some tension. A deep sense of Balance and Harmony can be achieved, with you feeling deeply relaxed, more comfortable and better able to handle emotional issues and even physical pain.

In dynamic stillness, your health is promoted.


A sensitive therapy, a source of ongoing support, CST recognises and assists the connections between mind and body.  Its approach respects the natural wisdom of the body and allows your innate intelligence to arise and bring some changes physiologically and emotionally.

CST is ideal for babies, the delicate systems and for anybody looking for a deep sense of safety and peace.

Monique Harrison. Craniosacral therapist and reflexologist practising in Guildford, Surrey.