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Reflexologist & Craniosacral Therapist

in Guildford

With over 25 years of experience. Practising in Guildford, Surrey.

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In dynamic stillness your health is promoted.

A sensitive therapy, a source of ongoing support, CST recognises and assists the connections between mind and body.

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Equine Craniosacral

Equine biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy.

A conversation with horses allows a range of issues, from illness and injury, to be very much improved.

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Happy feet, happy body, happy mind.

A natural therapy to improve exchanges in the whole body, calming the mind, ending with a profound sense of connection.

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“Empathy is an ability to be in tune and resonate with others, to have a deep sense of knowing. It’s not that “empaths” can just put themselves in other people’s shoes; They feel their blisters, feel their emotions and are highly sensitive.”


I came to see Monique for some maternity reflexology. My first baby was due in two weeks and was fluctuating between being transverse and breech.

I wanted a natural delivery, and so she gave me some reflexology and craniosacral treatments to help turn the baby. I didn’t realise how powerful it would be, and it’s holistic effect on my mind and body. Monique also helped me address my underlying fear of the impending birth and possibility of c-section.

I had two sessions and my baby turned and engaged, allowing me to have the natural delivery I wanted. She made me feel fantastically grounded, improved my confidence as a new parent and helped me connect even more with my baby.

Juliet C.

I had never had reflexology before and wasn’t sure I believed in it.

I went to see Monique 4 days overdue and within moments felt that she had a special gift and was in tune with my body and my baby. She told me things about my body I hadn’t expected her to know from touching my feet. She has a breadth of knowledge beyond reflexology.

The session was very relaxing and I left thinking even if it doesn’t bring on labour it was a lovely way to spend an hour. 12 hours later I gave birth, so fast and so easily that I delivered the baby myself! I definitely think it was because of Monique.


Thank you so much for seeing O. It was wonderful watching him relax and enjoy the treatment. It was also lovely listening to him chat away while he felt safe and calm, I rarely see that part of him.

He had a nice nights sleep and was quite calm when he got into bed for a cuddle this morning. Generally O fidgets and wriggles around but he lay quite still and wanted to talk about the animals he likes.

I wasn’t expecting an immediate change I am hoping if if he starts to learn what it feels like being relaxed and calm he will eventually be able to help himself when he is worried and over whelmed.

Coming to see you was a really positive experience for both so us and we would like to come again.

Thank you”


I cannot recommend Monique highly enough. As a family, we have had regular treatments with her for nearly 15 years and she is a key part of our approach to maintaining health and wellbeing.

She blends solid medical knowledge from her former career as an anaesthetics nurse with best reflexology and cranio-sacral practice. She can offer safe and effective pain relief when needed, as well as on-going health care before conditions become chronic or acute. She can also help young people cope with the ups and downs of adolescence, be it the discomfort of newly fitted braces or the ebb and flow of hormones and emotions.

Monique cares deeply about making a difference to health and regular treatments with her make a positive contribution to our overall physical, mental and emotional health in the midst of very busy lives. And… she is delightful.

Family in Send

Dear Monique, I felt I should thank you so much for my wonderful treatment yesterday. I ached all over yesterday afternoon. I went to bed at 8pm slept until 7.30am.

My goodness I have felt wonderful today. Thank you for your understanding and releasing some of my deep emotions. I feel like you have taken a massive weight off my shoulders!!!!! You’re amazing, can’t wait to the next one 🙂


I reached out to Monique when I was in desperation of help for my son. He had been struggling to sleep at night and very emotional during the day. Since our sessions he has slept through the night and has done for over 6 weeks now. I really feel that Monique has helped him so much, not just with his sleepless nights but with his emotional well-being too.

My son loved his sessions with Monique, he really took to her. I could tell he felt so safe and secure with her, even falling asleep during a couple of the sessions as he was so relaxed which is very unlike him.

I can’t thank you enough Monique for the kindness and support you showed us during our difficult time. You were always on hand with advise inside and outside of our sessions, you were so great with a worried mum and her sensitive little boy. We won’t forget you, and will definitely be back in the future if needed!


“Monique, you are incredible at what you do and you have a true gift. Your ability to heal, calm, restore and balance is unique and one I feel very lucky to have found. I looked forward to how I will feel after our sessions and have benefitted from them from the very beginning. Thank you for all your kindness, patience and understanding.
With gratitude,”


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Your body is smart and clever.

It can share it’s wishes and objectives. Through the touch of my fingertips, I can feel tension, rigidity but also places of joy and ease. These will guide me through the session to give you the best outcome. My wish is to see you leave feeling more relaxed and comfortable both physically and emotionally with a sense of knowing.

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Over 25 years of experience

As a therapist, I have the privilege of treating babies, infants, children, teenagers and adults of different ages and especially pregnant women. My 25 years’ experience in Complementary Therapies has given me enormous insight into the benefits of these treatments in a great variety of disorders.

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